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Thoughts On a
Relationship with God

   Many today are looking for a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, however they aren't quite sure how or where to begin.
   Holy Scripture teaches us to first examine our hearts before God, confessing those issues or concerns which make us feel unworthy.
   Secondly, we are liberated when we recognize that Jesus did indeed die upon the cross to remove our sins and to enable us to be one with God. He thus, became the bridge between fallen humanity and Almighty God.
   Third, don't be afraid to claim Jesus as your personal Savior from sin and the Lord of your daily living. When you believe in Jesus (put your faith in Him) you can experience his loving presence in your life on earth as well as the promise of eternal life in heaven.
   Why don't you reach out to Jesus today. He is always reaching out to YOU !
    Phillips Memorial Baptist Church