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  Pastor Amy's Thursday Thoughts

Let the Little Children

by Rev. Dr. Amy Chilton on 05/16/24

This time of year leaves those who have children in their lives in a state of shock - how is the school year already over? And, how are these kids already old enough to finish this grade?! I’m reeling a bit over the fact that my daughter is about to graduate from highschool and a week later will be at college orientation. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Children really do pull us into the future at a breakneck speed.

I love that each May we celebrate the PMBC kiddos with our Children and Youth Sunday. This year it coincides with Pentecost (May 19th). I cannot imagine a better text than Acts 2:17-18 for the Sunday on which our young people will lead us in worship. 

In the days to come–it is our God who speaks–I will pour out my Spirit on all humankind. Your daughters and sons will prophesy, your young people will see visions, and your elders will dream dreams. Even on the most insignificant of my people, both women and men, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.[1]

There aren’t a lot of references to children in the Bible, especially not in the New Testament. The childhood death rate was high and children had little social power. But, we do have that little story in Matthew 19:13-15 in which the disciples try to shoo the clamoring kids away and Jesus stops them from doing so and blesses the kids. I guess they didn’t hear Jesus tell them they had to become like children to enter the kingdom, had to welcome children, and had better not harm a child (Matthew 18:1-7)!

We love our kids and youth here at PMBC. But, what if beyond just being thankful they are here and enjoying the children’s story we also remembered that when the Spirit came upon the church on its day of birth, the promise was that young people would also be God’s spokespeople? If we remembered that, we might seek out their wisdom more often or look around at how they are making themselves heard nationally and globally and ask ourselves how God is speaking through them. Youth are often the folx who are not yet encumbered by social norms and more bravely speak out the truth of what they see.

So, on this Pentecost, remember that the children were always part of the Spirit’s promise. Perhaps look around at the young people in your life and ask yourself how you can be more like them. And definitely come and be led by them in worship this Sunday!


Pastor Amy

[1] The Inclusive Bible.

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