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Phillips Memorial Baptist Church
565 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island  02910

April 2021

"Virtual" Sunday Service 10:00 am
(All are welcome! Please contact the church office for instructions to join.)

"Virtual" Sunday Service 10:00 am
(All are welcome! Please contact the church office for instructions to join.)

***Announcement About Special Meeting***

A special meeting about the proposed bylaws is scheduled for April 25th. 

There will be a second opportunity to ask questions and make comments on Sunday, April 18 following worship.


Phillips Memorial Baptist Church
565 Pontiac Avenue, Cranston, Rhode Island 02910

Dear Phillips Members,

One of the tasks of the transition period has been to evaluate our church’s governance structure.  

In reviewing our current structure, we realized to fill all the officer, board and standing committee positions requires 48 members. This number comprises 87% of the average worship attendance over the past year, which is why it has been increasingly difficult to fill every position. In recent years we have not been successful in filling all the prescribed positions meaning that we have been out of compliance with our Bylaws.

This past fall the Cabinet commissioned Pastor Newton with the task of working with a special committee to conduct this evaluation. The committee including: Jean Manocchia, Ginny Rasmussen, Peter Chatellier, and Pastor Newton.

This committee evaluated a single board structure, which many churches are adopting. A 2019 study of congregations with an average weekly attendance of 2000+ reported that 68% of these congregations had a governance structure of 10 or less members. Yes, that is right, they effectively ran these large membership congregations with 10 or less board members.

The recommendation of the Reorganization Sub-Committee and the Cabinet is that Phillips Memorial Baptist Church members move to a single-board structure of 9 members. What has been the work of the Boards of Trustees, Deacons, Education and Mission would be divided between 6 Ministry Groups comprised of no specific number of members and friends of the church who have a calling or a passion to serve in these ministry areas.

In accordance with our current Bylaws this letter serves as notice of a meeting scheduled for April 25 immediately following worship. In this mailing you will find a copy of the draft of proposed Bylaws. There will be a session for comment and questions on Sunday, April 11 immediately following worship. The April 11th session is a chance for everyone to discuss the new structure and ask any questions prior to the meeting where the vote will be taken, and we encourage everyone who is interested to attend. 

Our hope is that this proposed governance model will better serve us moving into the future. The deficit in membership to support the current structure aside, the Cabinet believes that this structure keeps the numbers of members involved in governance low and the numbers of members involved in ministry high.

We look forward to receiving your comments and questions.

Yours in Christ,

Sarah Blusiewicz

Click here for proposed bylaws.

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