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Phillips Youth
(grades 6 - 12)

What's NEW??
There has been a re-structuring of our Phillips Youth Ministry, and leaders Martha Sobaje, Ruthie Moran, Melendy Johnson, and David and Debbie Barber invite you to join them for "SURPRISE SUNDAY".
Surprise Sundays are special adventures for youth that happen about once a month immediately following worship when you are whisked away to a SURPRISE destination for a wonderful SURPRISE event, and returned to your home mid-afternoon.
What does it cost?
If any money is needed, you will be told in advance.
What about lunch?
Lunch will be provided...so no worries!
No need to RSVP - just show up in the courtyard (dressed for indoor or outdoor activities) immediately after worship (11:15).
Last surprise?
If you want to know about the itunes card promotion, you must communicate with Melendy on Facebook.

After worship on Sunday, the Phillips youth and their leaders piled into cars and embarked on their first SURPRISE SUNDAY.  No one, except the leaders, knew where they would go.  Many people had tried to pry the information from them, but it turns out that Phillips people can keep a secret.

The first leg of the journey took them to Subway, where they picked up lunch to take with them.  Martha and David were in charge of transporting the bags of subs, chips, etc., and as they were very hungry, it was a good thing Austin was in the back seat to make sure that they did not sample anything on the way to the final destination.  By the way, where was that final destination?  Well, as Austin said, "It looks like we are going to a park." as the cars pulled into Beavertail State Park in Jamestown.

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing....and it was a perfect day to spend outdoors.  After lunch, a variety of activities took place which included kite flying, a softball game, fun with frisbees, and, yes, even some napping.  It turns out that Em and Emmy had comacazi kites that even with help from Ruthie and Melendy, wouldn't stay up in the air.  Since we could see that other people were successfully flying kites, we had to wonder whether Phillips youth just don't have a knack for kite flying, or if Martha (who shopped for the kites), just picked looser kites.  Anyhow, Debbie and Martha were very entertained by the way the kites dive bombed to earth every time.  David was busy supervising the ball game, to which some of the girls had contributed their shoes as bases.  Amanda really got things going with her enthusiasm for the game.  After a time though, the girls decided they needed a nap in the sunshine, so Bobby, Benton and Austin got busy with the frisbees.  Everyone enjoyed meeting Allie's friend, Hannah, and hope that she will come again.

On the way home, the youth speculated on where the next SURPRISE SUNDAY would be, but, of course, no one knows except the leaders.

Youth Ministry
Our youth ministry at Phillips, using many different games and discussions, strives to work through questions and issues surrounding the youth.

We give them biblical based resources to turn to for answers and Christ-centered advice that they can take into their everyday lives.

Our goal, as leaders, is to give the youth an understanding of the Lord, provide an open environment to ask questions, as well as find answers, and put them on the path for committing their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Occasionally, we take trips and have a mid-year retreat – all for which we alert parents / caregivers in advance.

And, of course, our youth are encouraged to bring their friends!

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