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Mission News from Phillips Church
PMBC Mission Board


The Kitchen Outreach Ministry has doubled its Care Meal output as a second team of four cooks has come forward to serve the Lord in this special way.  Thank you Mission Board for spearheading this effort to respond to our neighbors' needs.  Meals prepared are going to Crossroads Rhode Island, Ronald McDonald House and individuals and families in need.


Food and Other Goods Needed:  Remember these when you are shopping: (Please bring items to the church and place them in the containers in the narthex or elevator lobby).  Crossroads Rhode Island is in need of new towels, wash cloths, soap, combs, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, other personal care items and phone cards.  Monetary donations for Crossroads Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Food Bank are very helpful in supporting people in need.  Thank you for giving generously.


To help local homeless shelters, Phillips Church's Mission Board has agreed to sponsor the Taste of Heaven Ministry which fills many of the needs of people who are homeless.  This year we filled 128 backpacks with school supplies for children of families in our community.  Please help by donations of adult socks, underwear, soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste. Leave items marked for Taste of Heaven or Crossroads Rhode Island in the baskets at church.


COVID-19 has forever changed the world, and to continue to support communities, organizations must change with it. As the number of those impacted by COVID-19 grows, goods become scarce, and unemployment rises, the need for spiritual support and guidance has become more pressing than ever.

American Baptist Women's Ministries has established Reset and Reimagine to support new and existing programs and services that build community, support women and children in our churches and communities across the nation as they Reset and Reimagine their future.


Disaster Relief:  International Ministries sent $15,000 in emergency grants to our Caribbean partners after the recent hurricanes.
Human trafficking:  Profits from human slavery will soon surpass the sale of illegal weapons and drugs. 
Refuges:  There are 25 million displaced persons world wide.  Some people spend their entire life in a refugee camp.
AIDS:  Five new cases of AIDS every minute.  12,000 children are orphaned each year because of AIDS.

Anti-Slavery Struggle

A Note from Reid Trulson, Executive Director 
of International Ministries, American Baptist Churches

Abuk Bak was 12 years old when Arab militiamen from Northern Sudan raided her village in South Sudan. Although slavery was abolished in Sudan in 1898, Abuk became a slave in 1987.

International Ministries has been active in anti-slavery efforts from its earliest days.

America's first Baptist foreign missionary was George Liele. His ministry to enslaved Jamaicans began thirty-two years before our mission society was organized.

When our mission society refused to appoint slaveholders as missionaries in 1855, many southern churches withdrew support and formed their own convention.

God is calling American Baptists into the anti-slavery struggle in our day, and our missionaries are leading the way. about one tenth of our missionaries are already active in some aspect of the work against human trafficking and entrapment of people in prostitution. As our missionaries help captives find physical freedom, they also bring the good news of God's love and freedom for soul, mind and spirit.

Please visit the website for more information.

A House of Love

AIDS education to the ethnic minority groups of Thailand is provided by this mission.  The House of Love is a home to ethnic minority women who are HIV positive and their children, AIDS orphans, and young women who had been sold into prostitution and had no-where to go when they became too sick to work.  For more information, visit

Deplorable Indifference       

Stories about what’s happening in the Darfur region of Sudan are seldom on the front pages of our newspaper.  This absence of attention is especially disturbing as we consider that these stories are some of the most horrific events of our times.  Hundreds of thousands of Black Africans are being slain by Arab tribal groups in a saga of ethnic cleansing that is beginning to resemble the Holocaust suffered by the Jews.  When we learned of what happened to six millions Jews during World War II we said, “Never again!”  But it is happening again and those who can stop it are doing almost nothing about it. 

The government of Sudan gives evidence of deliberately turning its back on the people of Darfur.  This is especially troubling to Christians because those who are being raped, tortured, displaced and killed are for the most part, fellow believers, while those who are doing the persecuting are Muslims.  Thus, the struggles of the Darfur people not only have racial overtones, but also have some of the markings of religious persecution.  Here are some questions we have to ask ourselves:
1.  If the people of Darfur were white instead of black, would we be ignoring
     what is happening?
2.  Have we become so preoccupied with Iraq that we have become
     distracted from what is an even greater loss of life in Sudan?
3.  Are we Americans becoming isolationists who are reluctant to use our
     influence when we can make a difference, and do God’s will?   
- Reverend Dr. Tony Campolo
     Phillips Memorial Baptist Church


The Rhode Island Food Bank needs your donation!

The RI Food Bank has 159 member agencies (over 10 million meals a year!) most of which have experienced increased numbers of clients -- as much as 300% more! One in six children live in a home struggling financially. So, our boxes and cans of food provide very much needed assistance! Please send donations to RI Community Food Bank, 200 Niantic Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02907.

Who We Serve:

In 2019, in collaboration with the Hassenfeld Child Health Innovation Institute at Brown University, the Food Bank conducted a statewide survey identifying demographic details of households impacted by hunger in Rhode Island. Here are some of the results. 

-  66% of households served at food pantries include children or seniors.
-  69% of households with children have earned income from a working adult.
-  75% of guests are enrolled in SNAP.
-  88% of guests live below the poverty line.

For more information on how you can help, please visit the website at


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